Nommo Ogo - Across Time And Space

Nommo Ogo - Across Time And SpaceTrio Nommo Ogo almost unknown to me earlier appeared in remote 1995 in Alaska. This team is famous for its live concerts and usage of various musical hardware, during a concert each member is literally surrounded by a tower of different synthesizers, mixers, sequencers and drum machines.

Across Time And Space is the result of team's five-years-work. There appear a great number of odd feelings and moods while listening to these sound labyrinths. Though it's not clear where these labyrinths lead. This music seems to be from another world, it's incomprehensible, inexplicable. "Psychedelic", "transcendence" - perhaps these are the first words which come to mind while listening. Yes, Nommo Ogo have their own authentic, original theme, though it doesn't have integrity, for me it all looks like stratification of sound texture over the next ones, something flows somewhere, it's ringing and buzzing. Distortion and dissonance are characteristic of this team, it's almost the main element of all the tracks in this album. Maybe this is the deep philosophical sense of this music, but then maybe I hadn't reached it yet. Separation into track won't be appropriate here, I think, it really must be heard. As an experiment Across Time And Space is not bad and will be interesting for fan of everything new and original. I think Nommo Ogo are really at a distance from the rest of electronic musical scene, though as it should be with such dissenters, their creativity is hardly understandable for everybody.

I'd like to say a few words about cover design. 8-pannel four-way digipack unfolding like a flower, perfectly adds to the release and it makes the album even more unlike to the rest of music.

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- Nommo Ogo

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