Critikal - Graphorrhea

Critikal - GraphorrheaIf your day started not that way that you wanted, everything was turned upside down and your mood was helplessly lost, then it will be possible to return the inner balance only tuning for the same arrhythmic wave - in our case we propose to deepen into listening to release Graphorrhea by the international project Critikal.
The first compositions "Tesseract Of Distrust", "Wail Absorption" will send the listener to the abyss of chaos, disharmony, frightening uncompromising noisy sounds and finally broken drums and guitars. Penultimate attempt to destroy-rebuild our consciousness was made by Mike Patton with his project Fantomas on the scene of Green Theatre in Moscow. Then and now it looked and sounded not less intriguing and impressive. I really like such sound attack, each time when you listen to their molecular invasions, you think: will they surprise or not?

And this time they surprised, so much that I can say that I liked to feel like a periodical visitor of this infernal establishment hiding under the sign Graphorrhea. For me word "Experiment" obviously hid under the letters of Graphorrhea, by the way, "Experiment" with capital letter but not with small as it often happens.
When intellectual terrorists of art world from different corners of the planet unite, record and release such radical projects, making it for soul and with soul, it can't help evoking the feeling of strong delight, the feeling of sincerity and temporal loss of safety illusion.
At the moment of this album's release several people take part in the project - Dmytro Fedorenko, Andrey Kiritchenko, Tobias Astrom and Jeff Surak they all have rich experience in the field of sound producing, and evidently that wasn't too hard for the musicians (especially at our age of the world informational network and speed) to exchange the workpieces, information and transform their musical idea up to total and final integration.

Critikal with their album Graphorrhea is one of the worthy and model examples of the right usage of technology at our time, when not people work for technology, but technology works for people. Listener is to proceed the trip through the labyrinth of long lost cities. Perhaps to foresee what is to happen to him after the turning, where the road will lead him. Everything is extremely unpredictable and has defined industrial shade. At some moments because of skyscrapers the sun rays will appear and vanish, faraway shadowy noises will get odd, fanciful forms, but the final track "The Truce" will finally bring all the inner feelings in order, tune to the needed wave and... disappear.

- Nexsound
- Kvitnu
- Zeromoon

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