Beneva vs. Clark Nova - Dramadadatic

Beneva vs. Clark Nova - DramadadaticFrank Benjamin Finger and Ruby Simmons make up the Norwegian duet Beneva vs. Clark Nova. Outside this project they release solo albums and actively work in nearmusic field. Dramadadatic is their second joint full-value album after impressive and very beautiful Sombunall. This time Beneva vs. Clark Nova make a resolute step to the side of cocky electronics, which in contrast to the first work, actually captivated their creativity. At the same time there left the mood and their brave, uncommon sound solutions, marking out well the project on electronic scene.

This album is full of very bright, cheerful, nice madness and craziness. It is as if guys filled plastic child's guns and rifles with pieces of sounds and they start to pour all around with brightly colored splashes. And it all without any harm to melodism and emotionality of compositions which give a whole spectrum of feelings compressed into 40 minutes of the record. With the sounds of Dramadadatic the surrounding objects start moving, it seems that everything submits to live music vibrations - slows down and slightly trembles at melodious, downtempo moments and then explodes and becomes again the irrepressible vortex. In the complicated mosaics synthesizers and electronic drums get on well together, as well as real instruments - we can hear piano, strings and wind instruments, sometimes speech samples and vocal and always very sappy percussion. Wear colored sunglasses and don't forget to fasten your seat belts. With their music Beneva vs. Clark Nova will roll by on a car with folding top along very different and motley landscapes. With release Dramadadatic they continued their creative way, having transformed and developed a little bit the theme of Sombunall, getting slightly more crazy, but not losing anything valuable and distinctive on their way.

- How Is Annie Records
- Fênetre Records


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