Sphere Rex - For Electronics And Piano

Sphere Rex - For Electronics And PianoThree Russian labels united to release the solo album by the member of rather well-known Russian project Cyclotimia. For CD For Electronics And Piano besides pseudonym Sphere Rex he use analogue sound equipment of 60s - 70s and creates 5 long-lasting abstract compositions - synthesis of background electronics and modest matt piano improvisations. Such deliberate "analogueness" is planned to emphasize moving to ambient sounding of the time of its conception as musical style... In this connection, they emphasize its belonging to the traditional Eno's ambient. In press-release label write about "background music" in the album - and they really don't lie. I would say that all electronics on this disc, besides its archaism, is rather simple and predictable, no revelations and unexpected discoveries. Though it sounds the way it must sound, I should say, very enveloping. The musician obviously knew what he was doing. He didn't discover America before eyes of Columbus-melomane, but he did so, that his music can cover bare walls with pleasant, furry nap and obscure clear mind. It can envelope a listener with several layers of soft sound cloth. And if it is that what you want to get while listening to ambient, then release For Electronics And Piano must be interesting to you.

- Zhelezobeton / Muzyka Voln
- Monopoly Records
- Shadowplay Records

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